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21 December 2009 @ 11:07 am
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In April I pulled over and changed tattooedsiren's flat tire (15 points). Last Wednesday ox_piecesofme and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last Friday I helped jamiedory hide a body (-173 points). Last Tuesday I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last Saturday I turned impasses in for eating carbs (3 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-204 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


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Also, re-doing my userpics once again. :)
Today is also Ariel's 17th birthday! I can't believe. I'll be going over to her house for her birthday party- I think we are going to Chuck E Cheese, then back to her house for cake and presents. We'll rent movies and spend the night. I'm exicited!
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ox_piecesofme on December 21st, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)
OH MY GOSHHH .... you did this again this year! lol. and btw, me and you robbed a bank, we really are partners in crime lol.

oh my gosh, i'm 17, sorry i just had to bring that up lol. What's Chuck E Cheese? I've heard of that lmao, idk why i have.

dude it's been a while since you've updated. a longgggg while!
i updated my icons, i'm so sad to be proud of this fact lol
Sarah Nicole.: icarly; jen/nathan; car ridesimplyateenager on December 22nd, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
It's always so much fun to do! :) That's great! We said we are partners in crime and it turns out we are! :)

AHHH. It just sooo much older for some reason! It is wild to me. Haha, Chuck E Cheese is this place where you ...well it is kinda like an arcade. Like you get tokens and play games and get tickets. Then when you use your tokens (if you don't buy any more), you go and prizes with the amount you have. Also, you can get pizza and salad there and they also have birthday parties!

It has! I'm barley able to snag computer time, so I never have time to update. But I'm so thankful it is break so I can!
Haha, don't be sad because I get happy too. :)
And that icon is like my FAVORITE part in the movie.
ox_piecesofme on December 22nd, 2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
haha, always haha. I was just thinking that!

Ohhh, kinda like a shopping mall, but not really a shopping mall lmao. That sounds so funnny haha.

awww, tell me about it, but i keep freaking out that I'm not going my college homework done lol, it's badd!
hahaa. tell me about it! oh and the 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming' haha i love dory. she made the movie amazing haha. Ellen <3
Sarah Nicole.: emmawastson; side facesimplyateenager on December 23rd, 2009 01:52 pm (UTC)

Ummm..Not really but here's the website

Yeah, I have to read 2 books over break for AP English and neither one of them are enjoyable. Yeah, everyone loves Dory. :)
ox_piecesofme on December 23rd, 2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh as if I got linked to the website haha, just had to say that!

oh really? me to! Time Travellers wife and the time machine, alot with that graphics coursework, then media homework and some ict coursework. fun! lmao.
YES we all do haha, i'm kinda gutted today =/ i found thsi really cute troyella fic yesterday, then i gave up the computer to my dad, and now i can't find it =/ x
ox_piecesofme on December 23rd, 2009 03:14 pm (UTC)
oh gosh if i ever go to america take me to Chuck E Cheese lmao. pleaseee :P x
Nicolewoodsens on December 22nd, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)
and lol way to have a ~mature bday party DON'T HATE OKAY
Sarah Nicole.: photography; girl; head down in snowsimplyateenager on December 22nd, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
haha it wasn't my bday party so ummm yeah.